Beginner Running Plans

Best running plans for beginners (2021)

2020 has undoubtedly been the year of running. With gyms closed and organised sports cancelled for much of the year, more people than ever turned to running (and cycling) as their main form of exercise.

If you didn’t find yourself with the running bug during 2020 it’s never too late to start (or restart!). For 2021 we’ve pulled together our three favourite running plans for beginners.

Best Running Plans for Beginners

Plan 1 - Runner’s World 12 Week Plan

This 12 week programme will have you running for 30 minutes straight by the final week. Along with building your fitness and increasing your stamina, you’ll also learn more about your body and the importance of rest and recovery.

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Plan 2 - Runners Blueprint 8 Week Plan

This 8 week plan is a refreshingly no nonsense guide aimed at getting you running for 30 minutes straight. It’s built on the Run-Walk method, helping you to build cardiovascular endurance with minimal risk to injury.

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Plan 3 - Shape 6 Week Plan

This 6 week programme incorporates strength training alongside running sessions. This is designed to build your supporting muscles and reduce the chance of injury whilst delivering running performance.

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Tips to make it easier

  • Don’t punish yourself for missing a training day. If you're feeling the strain, take a rest day or run a session from earlier in the programme.
  • Recruit a friend or family member to run your chosen plan with you. You can motivate and encourage each other.
  • Set yourself small goals. Viewing the whole plan in it’s entirety will seem daunting, but by breaking the plan into weeks you have smaller, more achievable goals to aim for.
  • During any running plan you’ll be running multiple times a week so it’s essential to look after your body. Remember to warm up first and cool down once you’ve finished.
  • If you’re going to be running in the early morning or evening when light levels are low, make sure you’re visible to vehicles and other passers by with the MoveVisible LED Arm Running Band.

LED Running Light Armband