Consider when buying a running light

Five Things to Consider When Buying A Running Light

If you’ve ever ran outside at night you’ll know how unsafe it can feel around cars and other traffic. Making sure you can be seen is the key to safe and enjoyable night time running.

Running lights are one of the best ways to achieve this, but with such a wide choice available on the market it can be difficult to know where to start. This short guide will run through Five Key Things to Consider When Buying a Safety Running Light to help you make an informed decision.

Buying a Running Light for Safer Running at Night

Questions to Consider

  • Is the light lightweight?
  • How bright is the light?
  • Does the light have a long battery life?
  • Is the light comfortable to wear?
  • Is the light weather resistant?

Lightweight Running Safety Lights

The core reason for wearing a safety light is to enable you to continue running outside of daylight hours. Therefore any light you wear should be lightweight enough to be worn without discomfort or affecting your performance compared to a normal, daylight run.

Bright Running Safety Lights

Making sure you can both see and be seen by road users is the key to ensuring safety while running at night. Any light you wear should be bright enough to stand out, particularly in residential or commercial areas where light from buildings and street lights could mask your presence. Lights with flashing modes stand out well in low light conditions.

Long Battery Life

How frequently do you run and what is the average duration? Running lights with rechargeable batteries have shorter run times than battery powered lights, so for longer activities they may not be suitable. In any case, Lithium batteries are preferred due to their resistance to colder temperatures. 

Comfortable Running Safety Lights

It goes without saying that any light you choose to wear must be comfortable, so think about the different types of lights that are available and consider whether you’d feel comfortable wearing them. Some are more invasive than others, but each have their own Pro’s and Con’s.

  • Head torches
  • LED armbands
  • Chest lights
  • Shoe lights
  • Handheld lights

Weather Resistant Running Safety Lights

Living in the UK it’s almost impossible to avoid the rain, but avoiding puddles is part and parcel of running. Many runners even find the odd rain shower refreshing. Running lights are designed to be weather resistant to a certain degree, so double check this before your purchase.

Buying a Running Safety Light

Buying a running safety light all comes down to making your nighttime running safer and more enjoyable. You can check out our favourite running light, the MoveVisible LED Armband. It’s lightweight, bright, has a long battery life, slimline and comfortable and weather resistant.