Is running at night safe?

Is It Safe To Run At Night?

Running Safely at NightRunning is one of the world’s favourite exercises. It provides life changing physical and mental benefits to help you live a healthier lifestyle. But with busy schedules and work life balances it can be difficult to set aside the time to exercise, especially during the winter months where the days are shorter.

Running later in the evenings, at night or running before the sun rises can be a great solution. There are fewer people around, less traffic on the roads and, if you’re lucky, you may even spot nocturnal wildlife going about their routine business. For many, running while the world sleeps is the perfect opportunity to clear the mind and find peace.

Whilst running without daylight can be great for the soul, there are potential problems you should consider to ensure you’re prepared.

Know Your Route

It can be refreshing to lace up your shoes and head out the door without a route or destination pre planned. However if you’re running at a quieter time of day it’s advisable to be clear on the route you’re going to take so that you can avoid unpopulated areas in the event you may run into a problem.

Check In

It’s always sensible to check in with a friend or family member before and after your run. With the technology in our phones and smart watches it’s easier than ever to do this effectively. Tools like Strava Beacon provide additional peace of mind and prepare your emergency contact to respond quickly if they ever need to.

Visibility at Night

One of the main priorities is to make sure you’re visible to cars, cyclists and other people out and about. Highly reflective clothing is one effective way to increase your visibility but it is limited by the presence of light sources.

The MoveVisible LED Armband is a slimline, discreet band of light which easily straps around your upper arm to provide a bright, clear and unmistakable signal for the front, side and behind the user.

MoveVisible LED Armband is an essential running companion to give you added assurance and confidence whilst running at night, helping to keep you safe and visible to motorists and other people.

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