What Do I Need for Winter Running

What Do I Need for Winter Running?

What do i need for running in winter?

Running in winter has additional risks compared to fair weather running, but if you dress correctly and plan ahead, there’s no reason winter running should be any more dangerous. Here are three key elements you'll need for running safely in winter.

1. Wear shoes with grip

Autumnal leaves, sloppy mud and frozen puddles - the bane of any runners winter exploits. Despite the dangers of slipping and injuring yourself, trying to avoid any of these slippy surfaces is disrupting to your running rhythm.

Thankfully there are plenty of running shoes designed exactly for this kind of terrain. Winter running shoes or trail running shoes incorporate extra grip with water resistant materials, whilst still offering support and power response in a comfortable design.

2. Controlling your temperature when running in the cold

The first step out of your door is always going to feel cold. Once you get started and your heart race increases, your body warms up surprisingly quickly. It doesn’t take long to realise if you’ve dressed in too many layers because after just a few minutes you’ll be unzipping your jacket, rolling up your sleeves and removing your hat.

Wearing layers of breathable clothing will help you regulate your temperature. If you do start to feel too warm you can quickly remove a layer and tie it round your waist.

You’ll quickly find out what works for you in different conditions.

3. Stay visible in the dark

With fewer hours of daylight in the winter months, many runners find themselves running in the dark in the early mornings or after sunset.

If your running route takes you near traffic, ensuring you can be seen by drivers turning in and out of side streets is incredibly important. Wearing bright, reflective clothing can help tremendously, as can flashing lights or head torches.

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